- A Kicker applet that keeps an eye on pop/imap servers -

About MailKount

MailKount is an applet for Kicker that regularly checks the number of mails on one ore two pop servers and sends notifications on new messages. It's available in English (more or less... my English is not perfect at all) and French.
This tool is mainly useful for people who are using webmail and not a mail client such as the very good KMail.
This program is my first C++ program in more or less 3 years and is also my first Qt/KDE application (yeah ok, small application).


Thanks to...

I would like to personnally thank some people that gave me a hand : These people helped me on #kde-devel (freenode), they are all very nice and very available for help ;).
Some other people gave me hand for version 0.2 too, thanks guys.
A global thank to people that are working on KDE and all Free Softwares, whether it is professionally or on personnal free time.

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